A steady hand and a pin-thin pen

Give me paints, and I can’t help but get all impasto with a palette-knife. Realism and strict representation, pah! But give me ink and paper and it’s suddenly quite the opposite with the finest detail I can manage – I’ve no idea why, so best to just roll with it… In this case, a black 0.05 Unipin pen and some fine bleed-free drawing paper, plus a couple of watch mechanisms. There’s a certain enjoyable discipline to free-drawing something, no pencil-sketch to ink over and erase, no option for slips-of-the-pen unless they can be incorporated or masked somehow like an iffy tattoo. This is even more so if the subject is something which needs precise treatment if it’s going to look right – a portrait maybe, or (as I had a couple lying around) watch mechanisms. I’ve only drawn a couple so far, but I will seek more and hopefully produce a short series of originals, all at just over life-size. Here are low-res scans of the first two – enjoy!