New skills and inspiration

My last post was about BAS8 and what it might inspire, so here’s a little bit about one aspect of my art that’s been enhanced. The Art House has a weekly drop-in craft session which tends to focus on beading, sewing, crochet and needlefelting (3-6pm each Weds if you’re within reach of Southampton). I can bead and sew, I have no urge to learn crochet, but needlefelting… hmm… that looks interesting and I’ve been meaning to learn it for a while. Not so much the creation of solid animals etc, but more the scope for producing wall-art with texture – painting with fibres if you like, and the potential to integrate this new-to-me material into mixed media work. So, I went along, had a go, and oh yes indeed – got my own kit the next day. I’d say I was hooked, but that’s crochet… Anyway, this is a good example of why open workshops, craft cafes and so on are important for developing creativity, but what’s this got to do with BAS8? Well, it’s down to the impact of one piece, Linder’s gun-tufted wool rug, Diagrams of Love: Marriage of Eyes (2015). This grabbed me for all sorts of reasons – the sheer craft of it, the form (that a rug could become this wonderful object dominating its space like a gold-backed snake), and the idea that a rug could be the focal point for a ballet. A rug-ballet. A ballet-rug. Oh yeah, mind expanded. Plus, Linder’s interest in collage chimes with my own, and so I acquired materials and started stabbing. I’ve done a trial-piece and now two wall-hangings are in production using, as is my practice, waste materials. We’ll see where this takes me… I don’t imagine only wool will get used…


Needlefelted wall-hanging – early days…


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