WiP it into shape…

Unless I have a particular process to share, I don’t often post works-in-progress (WiPs) – I prefer to work quietly and then photograph the finished piece. However, today I felt the urge, and decided to roll with it. As yet untitled, this piece is in its latter stages of completion. I don’t paint that often as I tend to draw or create mixed media work, but this started as an acrylic ‘cartoon’ with collage in-fill between the forms. I then painted over this with thick (impasto) layers of paint using a palette-knife (I rarely use brushes), scraping back in places and using the textures of the different types of paint. The aim is to expand upon the feel of a previous painting, Mean Streets, that explored the urban environment and how a dense human population can seem overwhelming when solace is desired. It’s not there yet, but nor is it far off. So, here’s a gallery of WiP images (oil, acrylic, gouache and collage on canvas, 80 x 100cm).

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