Rectangular joy from dismay

A while back, The Art House (my second home) was burgled twice in quick succession by destructive means as the thieves smashed their way through doors – and through walls to get past tricky doors. We’ve since repaired the damage, sorted out the insurance and many other things we didn’t want to have to do. Time. Money. Angst. Meh. However, we left one reminder – a hole in the wall, originally for a fundraiser (crew, regulars and performers having their photos taken peering through it), but then, well, as a feature of the building. So, being the Curator and DIY guy, after repairing the other side, I got to work building a frame and doors, and turning it into the tiny, petite and indeed bijou Hole in the Wall Gallery. Here’s a selection of the joyous small-arts that are currently displayed within, and the Gallery itself, more pieces coming soon…

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