Artist statement

I am interested in the idea of ‘value’ i.e. how items seen as having little or no intrinsic worth can be given meaning through their use in art, and subsequently their preception by the viewer. In particular, I explore the use of waste or scrap materials, and how this might be linked to resource usage, ecology and ‘place’. Many pieces are therefore driven in part by the nature of their materials and so encompass a wide range of media and subject matter. I use these materials to produce representations, often highly abstracted, of the landscape and environment I perceive around me – urban, rural, social or cultural. This often combines my urban location with my experience with ecology and environmental issues.

My approach varies between highly intricate solo pieces and more expansive, free-form collaborations, including public, open-to-all, ad lib and ephemeral work. The collaborative work in particular aims to combine different aspects of creativity such as visual art, writing and performance.

I am self-taught, and many of my pieces reflect my scientific background.