One evening, two shows

Friday 8th June, 6pm, we begin to gather at the tiny K6 Gallery for the launch of Stuffed, which features the work of Rosina Godwin and Rachel Sheldrake, one in each box. They are both feminist textile artists who explore and subvert conventional notions of femininity e.g. by using ‘female’ colours and techniques (pink and knitting) to create visceral forms. Rosina’s hint at recognisable pieces of internal anatomy – something intestinal complete with faeces, the finger-fringed funnel of a Fallopian tube, a chimera of spare breasts. Rachel’s are equally intestinal – fatter, more tightly crammed into their box, ready to spill if the door is opened.

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This was timed to coincide with the opening of Solent University’s degree show, 26 Degrees Below Bar just across the road. Handy. So what was there?

Well, it’s hard to know where to start – not only is it a large space, but the quality was astonishing – the class of 2018 are clearly a strong vintage. Highlights for me were Kelly Sinclair’s film Selfie, Cat Ward’s series of images taken from Petri Dish cultures of her bodily bacteria, entitled Self Portrait, and the Tanoptic installation by Mandy Smith. Plenty more deserve recognition but time and space is limited here, so I will leave you with just a few example images as teasers, and some names to look out for, including some I hope to exhibit at The Art House…

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