Of fiction, flash and national

A few days ago, it was National Flash Fiction Day, and to celebrate this, I ran an FF writing workshop on the theme of ‘Worlds of Wonder’. It may only have lasted three hours, but so many ways of defining ‘world’ and ‘wonder’ came out among the diverse stories – the death of JFK, mad scientists, televisual injustices… I could go on. However, in the spirit of not asking anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself, here’s one of my FFs from the day that a participant asked me to post. Hope you enjoy it, and thank you to the Art House for providing the space.


Sagittarius was bored. For one month a year, busy busy busy pretending to affect the lives of credulous mortals; the rest of the time, he had so little to do it drove him crazy. Oh, now and again some planet or other would rise in him, but really… it got so bad he’d started taking pot-shots with his bow – Jupiter’s Red Spot was always tempting for a bit of bull’s-eye practice, but Taurus had made it very clear what he’d do if another arrow came his way. To be honest though, it was the same for all of them, and worse since the Enlightenment. At the moment, Cancer was clacking its pincers and scuttling from side to side looking for a celestial rockpool. Maybe Aquarius could help but no, freshwater only. Leo had started stalking Aries, Libra just shrugged, and Pisces blew bubbles of quantum foam. Suddently Gemini jumped – someone DOWN THERE had made another damned prediction. Those upstart monkeys still had no idea which way round cause-and-effect worked.