Hand-stitched satire

I write and perform poetry but have vowed not to waste any words on him – there are plenty of writers in the US tackling his doings. However, I did get a picture in my head which wouldn’t go away – stars, stripes, flag, shades of orange, little hands, the far right, money, grabbing, the lawlessness of the Wild West. I tried to ignore it but to no avail, so I got measuring, cutting, sewing, collecting, gluing, stamping, filing, sawing, sanding, varnishing and spraying. The stripes are shoddy, the sewing’s dodgy (but robust), but that’s the point – some of it was unpicked and restitched as it was too neat and even. The 50 stars are gone, replaced by 50 swastikas cut from US and Nicaraguan banknotes, and shown pouring from the rusty sheriff’s tarnished sack. The end result is I’ve got the best flag, (80cm x 130 cm approx, plus pole), a satirical piece which I hope to fly in Grosvenor Square soon and then install, unless he’s impeached first. Time well spent I reckon – enjoy!

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